Saticoy Park Stormwater Capture Feasibility Study


Being aware of how we use water can help keep our watershed clean.
We can reduce pollution in stormwater runoff by implementing these best practices:

  • Maintain your automobile. Regular car maintenance can reduce oil drippings and other pollutants on the road.
  • Use biodegradable products for landscaping and cleaning.
  • Keep storm drains and street gutters clear of debris.
  • Bag or mulch lawn clippings so they won't wash into nearby storm drains.
  • Clean up after your pets.
  • Store and dispose of household chemicals properly. Always use them in the way they were intended. Seal the product to prevent leakage. Take unwanted hazardous wastes to a proper disposal facility.
  • Don't treat roofs or driveways with toxic chemicals used for cleaning or moss retardation.
  • Plant native vegetation.
  • Stop or reduce your use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in your yard and garden. If you do apply fertilizer and chemicals, carefully follow the application instructions found on the label.

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