Oak Park Green Streets Urban Retrofit

The Oak Park Green Streets Urban Retrofit project is located in the unincorporated community of Oak Park in the County of Ventura, California within the Malibu Creek Watershed (MCW). This urban retrofit project includes twenty distributed modular wetlands installed within the County’s right-of-way to treat nuisance flows from residential areas. The phase I of the project, installation of 10 modular wetlands was completed in November 2017. Phase II of the project is scheduled for construction in 2019. The total project will treat dry weather runoff from a combined tributary drainage area of approximately 121 acres.

What is a Modular Wetland?

A pollutant removal product system for solids, bacteria, oil & grease, nitrate, copper, and zinc, and other common urban pollutants. Its horizontal flow biofilter efficiently utilizes a combination of physical, chemical, and biological filtration processes to capture and treat nuisance flows.

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Modular Wetland #1 – Tamarind St.
modular wetland

Modular Wetland #6 – Parkview Dr.
modular wetland nr 6

Modular Wetland #7 – Smoke Tree Ave.
modular wetland nr 7

Modular Wetland #10 – Medea Creek Ln.
modular wetland nr 10

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Please do your part to
pick up pet waste, prevent litter and
dispose of hazardous liquids properly
to keep our watershed clean!